Sponsorship, Booths, VIP Tables, and Advertising Packages

JAXICS an organization run 100% by unpaid volunteers. But though their labor is free, not everything else in the world is free (such as catering, venue rentals, A/V rentals, print materials, trophies, security, insurance, etc.). Membership covers a small portion of these costs. So we rely heavily on sponsor donations. But we make sure our community knows who is supporting them and we try to recognize our sponsors best we can.

  • In ICS emails to the community
  • On ICS event stage
  • On the jaxics.org website.
  • In ICS Yearbook (Diwali Booklet)
  • And many many more ways ...

Why should you sponsor?

How ICS enriches community with Indian Culture

  • To support your community
  • To support your business
  • To connect with like-minded people in the community or other businesses
  • To have fun!

Sponsorship, Booths, VIP Tables, and Advertising Packages

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

You can also make a donation at the donations/payments page.

ICS Diwali: Booths, Sponsorship, Yearbook Ads and VIP tables

And specifically for ICS Diwali (the biggest event of our calendar year) ...

Annual Email Footer

We have a large community email list where we send regular updates (100+ per year) which are read by our community membership with great interest. Your business can buy an email footer package for $800 per year and we will include your ad banner (800x120 pixel) in every email to the community. You can see our current email footers here.