Executive Committee

All ICS activities are executed by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers who give their time and sweat for the good of the community. It would not be possible to run an organization of this size and scale without a large team of experienced and selfless individuals.

For registering as a Youth Committee Volunteer please download , print , sign and send following forms to ec@jaxics.org


Vara Suresh: President

Responsible for overall functioning of the organisation, its events, activities, finances and long term health. The president sets the direction and guides the team to execute in that direction. Email: president@jaxics.org.

Priya Ganesan: Vice President

Supports and assists the President in fulfilling all responsibilities and fills in when President is unavailable. Email: vp@jaxics.org.

Soham Brahmbhatt: Treasurer

Responsible for keeping track of ICS's finances. Email: treasurer@jaxics.org.

Anibha Chopra: Secretary

Responsible for keeping records and coordinating all communications for ICS. Email: secretary@jaxics.org.

Event Directors

Anubhav Dahiya: World of Nations Director

Responsible for managing World of Nations (WoN) event.

Gauri Gupta: India Day Poster Competition Director

Responsible for managing Poster Competition for India Day event.

Parag Shah: India Day Director

Responsible for managing India Day event.

Jignesh Kapadia: Sports Day Director

Responsible for managing Sports Day event.

Pradip Shah: Holi Director

Responsible for managing Holi event.

Lokesh Sharma: Independence Day Director

Responsible for managing Independence Day event.

Mansi Parikh: Diwali Director

Responsible for managing Diwali event.

Mansi Parikh: World of Nations Director

Responsible for organizing India Paviliion at City of Jacksonville's World of Nations event.

Jitesh Doshi: Karaoke Nite Director

Responsible for organizing, promoting, and conducting ICS Karaoke Nite.

Area Directors

Jitesh Doshi: Sponsorship Director

Responsible for managing sponsors and advertisers and other fund-raising activites.

Jignesh Kapadia: Vendorship Director

Responsible for managing booth and other vendors at various events.

Gauri Gupta: Membership Director

Responsible for managing ICS membership.

Falguni Patel: Entry Coordination Director

Responsible for managing performance entries at various events.

Sandhya Hawaldar: Youth Committee Mentor

Responsible for guiding and mentoring Youth Committee.

Rakhi Yadav: Decoration Director

Responsible for decorations at all events.

Sandhya Hawaldar: Decoration Committee

Responsible for decorations at all events.

Pragya Agrawal: Decoration Committee

Responsible for decorations at all events.

Aravind Kopparthi: Audio Visuals Director

Responsible for Audio/Visuals at all events.

Jitesh Doshi: Director of Technology

Responsible for harnessing the power of technology to optimize JAXICS operations.

Youth Committee

Adit Saxena: President