Karaoke Nite

Appetizers at 6pm; Dinner a bit later; Singing starts as soon as you want to.
Online sales are closed now. Please buy your ticket at the venue.
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We Indians love our music. And ready or not, we love to sing. And why not? So Let's get together to sing our Bollywood favorites with ICS friends. Bring your family, friends, and loved-ones to enjoy an evening of fun, food, music, and masti.

ICS Karaoke Nite is a non-stop bonanza of Indian music numbers. Enough of bathroom singing. It's time to embarrass yourself or annoy others. Either way, singing is so much more fun with friends and family!

Cover charge

  • Cover charge covers dinner and venue cost. There will be a cash bar, which is separate.
  • $10 paid online in advance, for members.
  • $12 paid online in advance, for non-members.
  • $15 paid in cash at the gate, for everyone.
  • Kids under 12 can attend for $5 (paid in cash at the gate)

How to request your song

  1. Find your song soundtrack (preferably with lyrics) on the internet. We recommend searching YouTube in advance, or MeraGana.com, and perhaps practicing the song in advance - for your own sake and for the sake of the audience ;-)
  2. Pay $2 cash to the organizers (intake). Sorry, we have to charge something to regulate the deluge of song requests and cover misc costs. And you'd agree that $2 is a small, token amount.
  3. Send the song link to us via SMS or email (phone number and email address will be provided at the event). Use the Share - via SMS or Share - via Email feature of your smartphone to send the link.
  4. When your turn comes, we will tell you that you're next, so be ready. We will give you a mic, play your song on our projector display+sound-system. There's a 3 minute limit per song. We will only play from the beginning up to the first 3 minutes.

Please be respectful of everyone's time. We do events like this mainly for everyone's enjoyment.

Guest Experience Guidelines

Here's are the guidelines on how to make your experience as a guest most enjoyable.

  1. Buy ticket online or at the gate.

  2. Arrive at the gate on time (and buy ticket if not already bought).

  3. Mingle socially. Take appetizers.

  4. Go to intake, use their help to find and choose a song track.

  5. Once settled on a song track, pay $2 to intake.

  6. Wait for someone to take you to AV when your song will be next.

  7. You are given a mic and your song track starts.

  8. Listen to audio from the speaker, read the lyrics on the screen, and sing into the mic.

  9. Track plays for 3 minutes. And then the music stops. Applause!!!

  10. Come back to intake to request more songs. As many as you like. Tracks are played in the order of payment.

  11. During all this, continue enjoying appetizers, drinks, dinner, and most importantly - the company of friends.

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