Diwali 2018

Diwali 2018 - Performance Entry

Dear Friends ,

ICS is getting ready for DIWALI Celebration 2018!!!

Please find below the Diwali Event Rules:

1. All participants including choreographers/coordinators should be paid ICS members for coming year 2018-2019.

2. Any performer cannot participate in more than one performance.

3. We have received lot of feedback regarding length of Diwali celebration. In order to keep audience engagement throughout program, total number of entries will be restricted to around 35.

4. Minimum of 10 performers per performance will be required. At the time of initial performance submission, all participants names will be required. Entry submission can only be completed if all performer names are available and paid members of ICS.

5. To ensure opportunities for all choreographers, any choreographer/coordinators can maximum choreograph 3 performances combined as choreographer or coordinator. If ICS receives more than 3 performance from a single choreographer, ICS committee will put additional performances in reserve. If ICS doesn't receive minimum number of entries by our end date, we will work with choreographers to include reserved performance entries.

6. This year's event has a theme of " Bollywood Fusion". Please see details at bottom as to what qualifies for "Bollywood Fusion". After initial submission, committee will engage with coordinators and ensure that performances meet our theme.

7. Maximum time limit 4 mins per dance.

8. In order to keep audience interest, variety of styles is encouraged. Any skits or a variety performance is encouraged. Skits can be up to 8 minutes.

9. Registration for Diwali performances will be open in early September and will close by 29th September. Your performance entry needs to be submitted before end date. Diwali committee will review all entries and work with coordinators to ensure their entries meet our theme requirements.

10. Minimum age limit of the participants is 5 years on the date of the event.

11. Performance sequencing will be allocated based on draw in presence of all available coordinators. We are planning to group performances in 3 age groups based on majority of performers in a performance. Youngest group will be performing first followed by teens and adults. Within a group, your order will depend on random draw held in front of all coordinators.