Executive Commitee Members

All ICS activities are executed by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers who give their time and sweat for the good of the community. It would not be possible to run an organization of this size and scale without a large team of experienced and selfless individuals.

For registering as a Youth Committee Volunteer please download , print , sign and send following forms to


President  -  Shishir Saxena

Responsible for overall functioning of the organisation, its events, activities, finances and long term health, the president sets the direction and guides the team to execute in that direction. You can email Shishir at

Vice President  -  SanthoshKumar Paladagula

Supports and assists the President in fulfilling all responsibilities and fills in when President is unavailable. You can email Santosh at

Secretary  -  Monika Gupta

Responsible for keeping records and coordinating all communications for ICS. You can email Monika at

Treasurer  -  Vimal Misra

Responsible for keeping track of ICS’s finances. Vimal Misra can be reached at or


Director – Republic Day  - Gauri Gupta

Director – World of Nations  - Anubhav Dahiya

Anubhav Dahiya serves as board of director with GoodWill Industries of Northeast Florida, chair of AVAS (Association of Voices of Asia South) at Florida Blue and coaches “Odyssey of the Mind” team at Durbin Creek Elementary School.

Director – World of Nations  - Pragya Agrawal

Director – Holi  - Rakhi Yadav

Director – Sports Day  - Rajesh Rai

Living in Jacksonville from 2006, working as Oracle ERP developer with Fidelity National Financial. Wife Sindhu Rai, she works for CEVA Logistics as BA and two daughters Oshin and Syona.

Director – Independence Day  - Ramya Hallimysore

Director – Diwali  - Lakshmi Satish Kumar

Lakshmi Satish Kumar is married to a very loving man, Satish Kumar Nagaraj and mother of 2 beautiful girls, Ananya and Shravya. Her favorite pass time is spending quality time with family, making new friends and breaking the routine by being a part of extra curricular activities such as event management, signing and dancing.

Director – Diwali  - Manjula Chandran


Director, Food coordination  -  SanthoshKumar Paladagula

Responsible for Food Management, including ordering, delivery and serving, for all ICS events.

Website Administrator  -  Vinod Agrawal

Responsible for enhancing and maintaining JaxICS website. Vinod lives in Jacksonville with his wife Prachee Agrawal and two beautiful kids.

VP Community outreach  -  PARAG SHAH

VP Community outreach  -  Jignesh Kapadia

Director – Volunteer Activities  -  Avni Shah

Director – Publishing  -  Anita Mandal

Director Social Media  -  Ujwala Chintala

Responsible for maintaining Social Medial like Facebook, etc.

Youth Mentor  -  Ramu Akula

Responsible for mentoring members of Youth Committee.


President – Youth Committee  -  Rutva Patel

Vice President – Youth Committee  -  Adit Saxena

Secretary – Youth Committee  -  Farah Contractor

Youth – Social Media Coordinator  -  Prachi Misra

Youth – Technical Coordinator  -  Aarchan Saxena