We are excited to announce the much awaited ‘Talent Show 2017’.  This is an opportunity to showcase your talents to wider community. This event is open to all.

Date:          Saturday, September 16th 2017 
Venue:        HSNEF
Time:           1 pm to 4 pm
Performance Entry Fee:    Free for members, $5 for Non Members

Reminder:  Early sign-up for 2018 memberships include participation in Talent Show. 

Details and Rules for Talent Show
  • Entries are closed as of September 13th,2017.
  • Performances are grouped in 4 different age categories – Ages 5 – 12, 13-18, 19 to 54 and 55+
  • Performances can be solo or group performances.
  • No language restrictions
  • You can perform anything – sing, dance, play an instrument, speed painting or write your own poem and recite it. Anything which you can showcase in 5mins.
  • You will need to bring your own track, instrument or tools for your act, if needed
  • Time limit for performance is 5 minutes.
  • All performances will be judged by professionals from our community
  • Top 3 performers in each age group will receive prizes, if we have more than 5 entries, otherwise only one will be the winner, depending on the number of entries per age group.

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