Independence Day

Thanks to all the attendees, sponsors and volunteers, for making Independence Day 2018 a memorable event. Our theme for this event was Unity in Diversity.

Event HighLights-

  • Chief Guest Mr. Danny Becton, Council member District 11 graced us with his presence and gave remarks.
  • Special performance Mile Sur Mera Tumhara coordinated by Ipshita Roy transported us back in time to a golden period.
  • Dance Festival was a huge success and left audience asking for more. 10 regional groups synthesized their performances to present a unique dance festival representing our unity in diversity theme.
  • 4 other groups ranging from little kids – Nanhe Sitare to adults performing Bong melody participated and represented our diverse culture.
  • We conducted following events prior to tournament on 4th August at HSNEF temple. Result for these competitions were announced during event.
  • - Drawing Competition
    - Best from Waste Competition
  • Winners of India through your lens competition were also announced.
  • Fancy dree competition was held during event and prizes distributed.
  • Sports Day awards ceremony and prize distribution was conducted.

  • If you attended the Independence Day Event, we would love to get feedback on how we did
    Click here to access survey

Drawing Competition Results-

Thanks to all the kids who participated in this competition. Total of 74 kids participated in all age groups. Each one of them did an absolutely amazing job in showcasing their favorite mode of transport in India.

Results from drawing competition

Age Group 4 – 6

    Akshan Gupta – 1st

    Avni Malik – 2nd

    Mishelle Chauhan – 3rd

Age Group 7 – 10

    Aadya Hiemath – 1st

    Avni Dahiya – 2nd

    Aashi Verma – 3rd

    Devanshi Choudhry – 3rd

Age Group 11 – 16

    Ayush Patil – 1st

    Sumukh Kashyap – 2nd

    Vivek Nambiyar – 3rd

Best from Waste Competition- Participants were encouraged to produce their entries from household waste items. Total of 38 entries were received.

Results from Best of Waste competition

Age Group 4 – 6

    Mahathi Raghavendra – 1st

    Shashwat Santhankrishnan – 2nd

    Sunidhi Kashyap – 3rd

Age Group 7 – 10

    Aadya Hiemath – 1st

    Devanshi Choudhry – 2nd

    Sachi Yadav – 3rd

Age Group 11 – 16

    Anirudh Pokala – 1st

    Nikhil Chainani – 2nd

    Phanikumar Paladagula – 3rd

India through your lens Competition - This year we invited participants to submit their pictures of India.

Results from India through your lens competition

    Amol Gupta – 1st

    Vijay Kulkarni – 2nd

    Monika Gupta – 3rd

Dear Friends

ICS is getting ready for the celebration of India's 72nd Independence day, event scheduled to be celebrated on Aug 11th, 2018at Robinson Theatre,UNF. (Please Mark Your Calendar)
While our team is planning on event coordination, we would like to invite our Regional communities from Indian community in Jacksonville to help us make this event a grand success. Independence day theme is "Unity in Diversity". Please use this theme to promote our diversified culture of India and how staying united makes a huge difference in every society.In addition to this theme, we are also inviting all the regional communities of Jacksonville to show case various Dance festivals of India. Lets present every regional dance specialty of India and all the colorful costumes of every Indian state.
Below are some of the highlights for the ICS Independence day event-

Pre Event activities-
Drawing competition for Kids-

  • Age group - 4- 7 yrs - Your Favorite transport mode in India !
  • Age group - 7- 10 yrs - Your favorite transportation mode in India
  • Age group - 11- 16 yrs - A picture will be given to the participant and he/she will have to draw a possible scenario that could have happened Before OR After the Picture scenario.

Best 3 chosen drawings will win prize in each age category.
Judges decision will be respected as final decision.

Kids -(Age group - 6-10, 11- 16) Best from waste
Create a craft work using waste products/ recycled goods and bring to demonstrate and explain what products were used to create this craft work and how this craft can be used.
Best 3 craft will win prize in each age category.
Judges decision will be respected as final decision.

Adults-India through your lens(Age group - 18 and above )
It is photography competition for adults.
Are you planning to visit India in the near future? If yes, this is your opportunity to showcase India picture thru your camera. Send the pictures to ICS and ICS judges will select the winners. 3 winners will be selected . Judges decision will be regarded as final decision.
Will share details soon to send your entries.

Independence Day Event-
Theme "Unity in Diversity"

Inviting all the members and non members of ICS to participate in the event.
Dance Festivals of India - Inviting all the regional communities to showcase various dance festivals of India. The Registration will open soon.
Theme based Dances/Skits/ Group Songs - inviting entries to this category based on theme duration for group dance / song is
duration - 4 mins
Skit - duration 8 mins
Please note we are looking entries in each category to make whole program more entertaining and each category has ONLY limited entries . Entries will be allotted on first come first serve basis.
Group Dance : 8 (max)
Group Songs : 6 (max)
Skits: 4 (max)

Once the dance /songs /skit slot is full , will not able to allot the entry for that category. We request understanding from each one of you.

Fancy Dress Competition- Inviting entries from all age groups to dress up as freedom fighters of India.Please prepare on stage dialogue for the freedom fighter duration 15 sec. Lets demonstrate how all the freedom fighters of India had their share of contribution towards the Independence of our country.
We will love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions please email us at