ThrowBall Rules and Tournament format.

Published on: 6/21/2018
Author: Shishir Saxena

These are modified rules as discussed in Captain’s team meeting on 6/19/2018.

Tournament Format

  • All teams will play each other in a round robin format.
  • Top 4 teams will qualify for Semi-finals. Semi-finals and finals will be played on knock out basis.
  • In Semi-final, team ranked 1 will play team ranked 4. Teams ranked 2 and 3 will play together.
  • ICS committee will publish team ranking system before tournament.


  1. COMPOSITION: each Team will consist of seven active players at any one time. Teams are allowed up to 5 additional substitute players.
  2. Teams with fewer than the required number of players (six) must forfeit.
  3. CAPTAIN: The captain is the one player who represents their team in dealings with the officials.


  1. Each team has to be there 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.
  2. If a team is not on time, Referee may give a grace time of 15 minutes before forfeiting the team.


  1. The referee/organizer conducts a coin toss in the presence of the team captains. The winner of the coin toss chooses either: to select to serve or receive service of the first ball or the side of the court on which to start the game. The loser takes the remaining choices.
  2. The sets will be started with the service of the team that did not serve first in the previous set.


  1. TO WIN A MATCH: Matches consist of a best of 3 sets. A team wins a match by winning two sets.
  2. TO WIN A SET: A set is won by the team which first scores 21 points with a minimum lead of two points. In the case of a 21-21 tie, play is continued until a two-point lead is achieved (21-23; 22-24).


  1. The points can be won either during own serve or if opposition team makes a fault during their service.


  1. Players catches the ball above trunk with both hands or one hand with contact on ground..
  2. The ball should be thrown from above the shoulder at any time during the game in a single course of action.
  3. It is not a valid catch if during catching the ball, the ball touches any part of the body and the catcher still manages to catch the ball.
  4. During a catch only one person can touch the ball. However if multiple player try to catch the ball, and one player touches the ball but other player catches the ball, it is allowed if touch is unintentional and during course of play. Any intentional passing of ball is not allowed. Referee decision regarding this will be final.
  5. Double touch by a single player is a fault.
  6. A player cannot take more than one step when throwing the ball.
  7. Players are allowed to jump and throw the ball when throwing the ball.
  8. A player can throw the ball only above shoulder
  9. A player may hold the ball for a max of 3 secs and it is not allowed to take more than 1 step while holding it. Should use only one hand for throwing at any time during the match.
  10. A player is not allowed to touch the net, however the ball may except for the service.
  11. When throwing the ball to the other side and if it touches the roof on the opponent side, then opponent gets the point.
  12. Service has to be done within 5 seconds of the whistle.


  1. Players may be anywhere within their court during the game and not on the serve.


  1. 3 substitutions or replacements of players are allowed with in the same team players in a single set.
  2. Substitutions can be made only when the team gets the service change.
  3. Person serving can not be substituted.
  4. All players and substitutes must keep discipline and strictly adhere to game rules.


  1. BALL IN PLAY: The ball is in play from the service contact until the ball is out of play.
  2. BALL OUT OF PLAY: The ball is out of play from the moment the ball lands or a fault is committed. The rally ends when a referee halts play or the ball is out of play.
  3. BALL IN (OR IN BOUNDS): A ball is in when its first contact with the ground is on the playing court or a boundary line.
  4. BALL OUT (OR OUT OF BOUNDS): The ball is out when: Its first contact with the ground is completely outside


  1. TEAM CONTACTS: Each team is entitled to a maximum of one (person) contact to return the ball to the opponents. Blocking is not allowed.


  1. BALL CROSSING THE NET: A ball directed to the opponent’s court must go over the net within the crossing space limited (i.e. between poles)
  2. A serve that touches the net is fault. No re-serve is allowed.


  1. REACHING BEYOND THE NET: A player is not permitted to pass her hand(s)beyond the net for the throw.
  2. CONTACT WITH THE NET: It is a fault for a player or a player’s clothing to touch any part of the net. When a ball is driven into the net or the wind blows the net and causes the net to touch a player, no fault is committed.


  1. DEFINITION: The service (or serve) is the act of putting the ball into play by the serving player in the service zone.
  2. AUTHORIZATION OF SERVICE: It is the responsibility of the server to assure that both teams are ready for service. A player on the receiving team may stop play when not ready for a service as long as no attempt to play the ball is made.
    • Service line will be moved 2 blocks closer to net.
    • While serving ball should be released above shoulder. Throwing hand can start from a position below shoulder but at the release ball should be above shoulder.
    • Service needs to be done with one hand only.
    • It is allowed to jump and throw the ball.
    • A legal serve must cross net. Any serve that touches net is a fault. It does not matter if ball goes to opposite side or stays on same side, if ball touches net, it is a fault.
    • No re-serve is allowed.
  4. SCREENING: The server’s teammates must not prevent the opponents, through screening, from seeing the server or the path of the ball. On an opponent’s request, a player must move sideways, bend over or bend down.
  5. All players from each team should serve in the cyclic way. (IN the shape of Z)


  1. A two-minute break is allowed between sets.


  1. DEFINITION: A time-out is a regular game interruption. It lasts for two minute. Each team is entitled to a maximum of one time-outs per set.


  1. EXTERNAL INTERFERENCE: If external interference does not affect the outcome of play, the rally counts. Otherwise, the rally is immediately canceled and replayed. A shouted warning (such as “Ball on!”) is sufficient. To affect the outcome of play provided that a player had a chance to make a legal play of the ball. Misuse of this privilege is unsportsmanlike conduct.


  1. After each set, the teams change courts. Change of court will also occur in third set after 11 points.


  1. A player touches the net.
  2. A player crosses the center line or touches the opposite field with his hand(s).
  3. Playing with any part of body below the shoulder.
  4. A player touches the ball twice in a row
  5. The ball touches the ground or any other object except roof touch on the same side before three passes.
  6. The ball is out.
  7. A team plays the ball more than 1 times.
  8. Bad service (the ball passes under the net or ends outside the opposite field).
  9. More than 7 players in the field.
  10. The referee is not notified about the incoming or outgoing player.
  11. The team does not follow the service order (proper rotation).
  12. No Volleyball serves allowed.
  13. No Jump and serve allowed.


  1. PROCEDURES: Hand signals and whistles are used to start a rally and voice commands used in all other situations.When used, whistles halt play, authorize service or accept or deny a request. The first referee authorizes service. By giving the signal for service, which begins the rally. The first referee halts play to end a rally provided that he/she is sure that a fault has been committed and has identified its nature.
  2. If Referee shows a Red card to a player, She is out of the game and the team can use their substitute to play rest of the game.
  3. If a player gets three red cards, then he/she is out of the tournament.
  4. If a team threatens a walk-out, team will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.


  1. Participants must know the Official Throwball Rules and abide by them.
  2. Participants must accept referees’ decisions with sportsmanlike conduct, without disputing them.
  3. In case of doubt, clarification may be requested only through the game captain.
  4. Participants must refrain from actions or attitudes aimed at influencing the decisions of the referees or covering up faults committed by their team.
  5. Only the captain of a team may talk to the referee or request substitutions and time-outs.
  6. Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of FAIR PLAY, not only towards the referees, but also towards other officials, the opponents, teammates and spectators.
  7. Communication between team members during the match is permitted.

Other instructions

  • All teams must be at the venue at 9:00 AM on Sat June 23rd at JJVA.
  • ICS will NOT server any food. Light snack bars may be provided.
  • Strictly NO FOOD is allowed inside JJVA
  • Please keep your team drinks and snacks in car in parking lot so no player has to leave for food break.
  • No person other than participants are allowed inside the COURTS
  • JJVA has given STRICT WARNING against RUNNING AROUND KIDS and ALL KIDS MUST BE ACCOUMPANIED all the time by an adult.
  • KIDS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY inside at all.
  • There is water fountain but try to get your own water bottles.

List of participants

1 Kannada Manjula Chandran
Uma Shashidhar
Swarupa Koka
Sumana TR
Mouna Mahesh
Sridevi Kallakuri
Rashmi Revankar
Tanvi Shashidhar
2 Smashing Smarties 1. Vidya Ramachandran- captain
2. Farah Nesargi- vice captain
3. Sumedha Bhide
4. Mrinalini Kale
5. Swati Sharma
6. Shrividhya Vijay
7. Nazeema Contractor
8. Deepa Suresh Babu
9. Sameena Aleem
10. Taruna Tomar
3 Jaxdivas 1) Arpita Garge
2) Sandhya Hawaldar
3) Shilpi Gangal
4) Rakhi Yadav
5) Deepika Rajendra
6) Shivani Naik
7) Sanjana Garg
8) Bindu
9) Daljit Chauhan
10) Kalpana Raja
4 MANOFA Jyothy Cibu -C
Anne Paul
Celine Sunny – Sub
Cibi mathew
Merin Mathew – Sub
Priya Kurian
Reena Shaji
Seema Manofa
Pavithra Kamalakumar
5 Girls Rule 1) Neelam Warekar (Captain)
2) Prajakta Rajpurkar
3) Ragini Talreja
4) Himja Sethi
5) Pooja Bansal
6) Ashwini Manjunath
7) Ushma Desai
8)Madhavi Adimula
9)Nadhiya Katta
10)Usha A
6 Chennai Super Queens 1. Sathyashree Nandakumar
2. Monica Suresh
3. Vinitha SenthilNathan
4. Vani Bala
5. Anuradha Manoharan
6.Shobana Duraipandiyan
7.Sumi Praveen
8.Vidya Kamesh
9.Yuvarani Subramaniam