Tournament format

Published on: 6/20/2018
Author: Shishir Saxena

We have a total of 8 teams and 1 team is stand-by. All matches will be played on a knock out basis. Any team that loses a match will be out of the tournament.  All teams need to report at venue at 8 AM sharp. We will do a random draw to determine brackets.

All team captains are requested to email/text their cellphone numbers to 904-962-9378 (Rajesh Rai) for more effective communication.


  • Fast and Furious T-4 format, just need 4 friends to form a team(Char Yaar).
  • Team can have up to five players and one player can be substituted.
  • Each game will be done in an hour.
  • Each team will play 4 overs fielded by opposite team of 4. This will a high scoring game.
  • Games are¬†played on knock out basis.
  • Each team will have to only field for one extra match.
  • The 2 teams who will play the following game will field for the current teams who are playing.
  • Out of 4 players at least 3 players have to participate in bowling.
  • The last batsman will get the batting if other 3 players are out.
  • If in first two overs there are no wickets, next two batsmen will replace the existing pair.

Participant List

1 Team1 Sanjay
2 Bartram 1 Amol Gupta
Sandeep Mishra
Nandakumar Adikesvan
3 Viveks Team 1. Vivek Gangal
2. Atmadeep Mazumdar
3. Shailesh Rajput
4. Prince
5. Alok
4 Vikrants Team Ramachandran Kaunder
Saikiran Dendukuri
Ali Abeer
Vikrant Vishwasrao
5 Bartram 2 Jignesh Desai
Vishaaal Jamwal
Sanjay K
Vijay A
6 Smart Boys Mahesh k
Sudhakar Katti
Vikram G
Ranjankumar R
7 Ebbin Daniel
Sachin Vibhute
Muhammad Tariq
Vinay Sreepada
Ebbin Daniel
8 Team 8
Prejil Alexander
Jitendra Motwani
Rama Kilamby
Manish Jaiswal
9 – Standby Team 9