Tournament Format

Published on: 6/20/2018
Author: Shishir Saxena

Men – Participants will be arranged in 4 groups randomly. Each participant will play all other participant in group. Top 2 participants from each group will advance to knockout stage.

Women – Each participant will play all other participant. Based on overall record, top 2 participant will play a final match.

All participants need to be at venue at 10 AM. We will conduct a random draw to determine groups. Participants need to be present for draw. Any participant who is more than 15 minute late will not be able to participate.

We will be playing a variant of speed chess. Max limit per game is 30 minutes. Each player has 15 minutes to complete his moves.

  • Please download ChessClock on your phone and set timer to 15 minute.
  • All standard international rules for chess apply.
  • Touch-move rule will be enforced.
    The touch-move rule in chess specifies that, if a player deliberately touches a piece on the board when it is his turn to move, then he must move or capture that piece if it is legal to do so. If it is the player’s piece that was touched, it must be moved if he has a legal move.

Participant list

1 Amol Gupta
2 Vatsan J
3 Mr Jadav
4 Nitin Warekar
5 Vivek gangal
6 Phani Kumar Paladagula
7 Srinand Kashyap
8 Prejil Alexander
9 Shubham Kale
10 Murlidharan V B
11 Param Upadhyay
12 Saket Singh


1 Isha Jadav
2 Neelam Warekar
3 Anushka Garge
4 Bhavini Patel
5 Pooja Anoop Bansal