Published on: 6/20/2018
Author: Shishir Saxena

Rules for Carrom

Tournament Format

Singles – Participants will be arranged in 4 groups randomly. Each participant will play every other participant in group. Top 2 participants from group will advance to knockout stage.

Doubles – All teams will play other teams. Based on round robin results top 2 teams will play Finals.

Game Rules

  • Each game in group stage will consist of 1 board.
  • Earlier round knock out matches will be played with a match of 15 points.
  • Semi-final and final will be played with a match of 29 points.
  • Toin coss will decide player who will break the board. Winner gets to choose.
  • Participants breaking board will play with Whites. Other participant will have black.


  • For each strike, the player must position the striker within the baseline OR on one of the two circles at either end of the baseline.
  • A striker within the baseline must touch both the front line and the rear line.
  • The striker may not “cut the moon” – be placed partially within the baseline and partially within the circle.
  • The player must flick the striker with one finger so that it crosses the front baseline – it is not permitted to flick backwards or horizontally.
  • A piece that is on or behind the front baseline must not be struck by the striker until the striker has crossed the front baseline.
  • In striking, the player’s hand or arm must not cross the diagonal foul lines at either end of the baseline.

Basic rules

  • It doesn’t matter which piece the striker hits first and it doesn’t matter if the striker hits no pieces.
  • If a the striker pockets the Queen and/or one or more pieces of her own color, the player retrieves the striker and takes another strike.
  • If the player pockets no pieces or commits a foul, the turn finishes.

Covering the Queen

  • A player may only pocket and cover the Queen if that player has already pocketed at least one piece of that player’s color.
  • Should a player pocket the Queen before being permitted to cover it, the turn continues but the Queen is returned to the center at the end of the turn.
  • If a player pockets the Queen and one of her own pieces in the same turn, this counts and that player has covered the Queen.  Such a player must have already pocketed at least one piece in order to cover the Queen as per normal.
  • When a player pockets the Queen but does not cover it, the Queen is returned as near as possible to the center circle by the opponent.

Other Rules

  • Pieces returned to the center can be placed on top of other pieces within the main circle.
  • If pieces come to rest standing on their edge or overlapping another piece, they are left as they are until moved again in the normal course of play.
  • If the striker comes to rest under another piece, the striker should be removed with as little disturbance to the covering piece as possible.


When a player commits a foul, the turn comes to an end immediately and a penalty is incurred.  The penalty is that one pocketed piece is returned to the board by the opponent anywhere within the main circle.  Any other pieces requiring to be returned to the board are also placed within the main circle by the opponent.  It is normal for pieces to be positioned in order to confer an advantage for the opponent.

A foul is recorded in the following situations:

  • The striker is pocketed.
  • The striker or any other piece leaves the board.
  • A player pockets an opponent’s piece.  If the Queen was also pocketed, it is returned to the center by the opponent together with the penalty piece.  Any other pieces pocketed in the same strike remain pocketed.
  • A player pockets the final opponent’s piece.  Regardless of whether the Queen has been covered, the opponent’s piece is returned to the center in addition to the penalty piece.
  • A player pockets the final piece before the Queen has been covered.  In this case both the pocketed piece and a penalty piece are returned to the center.
  • A player contravenes the rules for striking.
  • A player touches any piece in play, other than the striker.
  • The first player to strike fails to break the counters in three attempts.

Where a penalty is incurred but no pocketed pieces exist to return, the penalty is “owed” until a piece becomes available.  If a penalty is owed, when a piece becomes available due to being pocketed, the piece is returned to the center by the opponent at the end of the turn.  Should the opponent forget to do this before the start of the next turn, any owed penalties are lost.


At the end of the game the winner scores 1 point for each opponent’s piece left on the board.
If the winner has less than 24 points and the winner also covered the Queen, a bonus 5 points are scored.
If the winner has 24 or more points, then no points are scored for covering the Queen.

Participant list


1 Harsh K Shah
2 Kiritkumar B Shah
3 Ilaben K Shah
4 Amol Gupta
5 Vatsan J
6 Mr Jadav
7 Isha Jadav
8 Neelam Warekar
9 Nitin Warekar
10 Ranjan Revanker
11 Vikrant Vishwarsao
12 Shashank Bhide
13 Sumedha Bhide
14 Anushka Garge
15 Divyesh Ravichandran
16 Rajesh Devaraj
17 Ramachandran kaunder
18 Namrata Revankar
19 Vivek gangal
20 Prejil Alexander
21 Sumeet Kamat
22 Mansi Galvankar
23 Farah N
24 Nimit Patel
25 Aryan Patel
26 Mouna shree
27 Purvaansh Valera
28 Shaji John
29 Vikas Hawaldar
30 Datta Sonawadekar
31 Namrata


Divyesh Ravichandran & Rajesh Devaraj
Vikas Hawaldar & Vivek Gangal
Ramachandran Kaunder & Vikrant Vishwarsao
Ranjankumar & Namrata
Nitin Warekar & Neelam Warekar